We will learn what is Adad and 4 Cases of Adad.

We will learn what are Diptote Nouns (Mamnu Min As Sarf)? What are the reasons of Diptote Nouns (Mamnu Min As Sarf)

We will learn what is Tawabi' (التوابع) and its types viz Nai't (النعت), Atf(العطف), Tawkeed(التوكيد), Badl(البدل).

We will learn what is Nasb (النسب)? Why we use it and how to form Nasb from different forms of noun

We will learn what is Tasgheer? Why do we use Tasgheer and conditions required by an Ism to make Tasgheer. Then we will look how to make Tasgheer and few exceptions.

Basics of Arabic Grammar in simple English. Detailed explanation of 3 parts of speech in Arabic Grammar i.e. Ism, Fa’il and Harf. And how to differentiate between Ism, Fa’il and Harf.

We will learn what is Harf Nida? Types of Harf Nida. Cases of المنادى in Harf Nida. Rules of Harf Nida with ال, when its Mudhaf with ي, Tarkheem and much more.

Difference between negation with Ma Hijaziyah Vs Ma Tamimiyah? Irab and its use in Quran.

How exclamations are expressed in Arabic language? Rules and Styles of exclamations in Arabic

We will learn verbs in Arabic Grammar, their types and characteristics. Arabic Past Tense (فعل ماض), Present/Future Tense (فعل مضارع)and Imperative Tense(فعل الأمر)

We will learn what is Kana and its sisters. What are the rules of خبر كان w.r.t position in sentence and types of Kana كان

We will learn what is Ism Maqsoor and its I'rab